About us

ChirpoMatic has been developed by the small team of scientists and computer scientists at iSpiny, particularly Dr Hilary Lind, biologist turned software developer, and Dr Alex Wilson, computer scientist. Data scientist Dr Phil Howard was also heavily involved in the early stages of the app's development

We are experienced app developers, specialising in bird and butterfly apps and dedicated to making the best nature apps possible. We concentrate on quality rather than quantity in our apps - we take our time to make them, and we make the apps that we want to use ourselves.  Our apps have a 5-star rating and are fixtures in the top-selling Reference charts during spring and summer.


Our bestsellers are our range of Chirp! birdsong apps for Europe, USA and Canada. These are guides to birdsong to help you identify and learn bird sounds by listening and learning the traditional way. ChirpOMatic is designed to work with Chirp! - you can go from the results screen in ChirpOMatic straight into Chirp! to mark the sound as a favourite and learn more about it.