Best app for you

No subscription and no need to register. The app is yours for little more than the cost of a high-street coffee.

Frequently updated, so you can be sure that the app will always run on the latest operating system.

First-class customer support. We reply to emails within 48 hours.

We respect your privacy. We do not collect recordings, or any of your personal data, from the app.

Best app for birds

Recordings of bird songs disturb nesting birds, distracting them from the essential tasks of defending their territory and feeding their young. ChirpOMatic is the only bird sound app that is safe to use anywhere, at any time, because it's the only app with 'Bird-safe Mode'. When this is switched on, you have to hold the phone to your ear as though making a phone call in order to hear the sounds. This ensures that birds are not disturbed.

*Bird-safe Mode is not available on Android

Share your recordings

Your recordings are saved in the app so that you can listen again, email them to yourself or to friends, or share them with us. We will use your recordings to retrain and improve the app, and in addition the best ones will be submitted to the Xeno-canto website for the use of conservationists and scientists worldwide.

Easy to use

When you hear a bird, just keep still, keep quiet, and tap the red button.The app will show the top matches and you can compare your recording to the reference sounds to check which is the correct match. If none match, try again! The app may have heard and tried to analyse a sound that you didn't notice.