ChirpOMatic is the easy to use birdsong recognition app.

Find out what is singing!

Highly Accurate   |  Easy to Use  |  No subscription

ChirpOMatic automatically identifies bird songs and calls. Like all Spiny Software apps, it is highly accurate and designed to be easy to use for everyone.

Heard a bird and want to know what it is? Just tap the red button and ChirpOMatic will do the rest. The app will check your recording against a library of birds from your country and provide you with a match, along with a photo of the bird and a clear cut description of the sound.

All your recordings are stored so you can listen again, Share your recordings using AirDrop, WhatsApp, Messages, or Email.

ChirpOMatic is available in separate versions for western Europe, North America, the Caribbean, and from August 2023, south-east Australia.

Includes support for the Apple Watch.